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Our Services to airlines or software providers:102

Revenue Management (RM):

✈︎ System evaluation of the leading Revenue management based upon the client’s budget and  their  RM team’s abilities.

✈︎ RFI or RFP construction through to project delivery, implementation and roll out.

✈︎ Complete Revenue Management department organisation review.

✈︎ Mentoring of RM Management team.

✈︎ Business process evaluation and redesign of business processes and communication paths to key partners.

✈︎ Project management of a Revenue Management programme.

✈︎Review of your Groups area, assessing if your process, contracts and post booking rules are adequate and optimal.

✈︎ Review your analytics capability.

✈︎ Review data accuracy.

✈︎ Provide KPMs/KPIs to measure your success.

✈︎ Product development.

✈︎ Project management.

✈︎ Sales and Marketing of a Revenue Management Solution, Revenue Integrity Solution or Network Development/Scheduling Solution.

Revenue Integrity (RI):

✈︎ Revenue Integrity review and recommendations on setting up a RI department.

✈︎ Review of an existing Revenue Integrity area with recommendations on improving business processes, Ticket Time Limits (TTLs) and other structures in place required to support RI, including, if required, system upgrade recommendations.

✈︎ Mentoring of RI team.

✈︎ Sales and Marketing of a Revenue Integrity solution.


✈︎ Review of an airline’s pricing structure and methodologies.

✈︎ Review of existing Pricing systems to identify upgrades or addition of systems to supplement the capabilities.

✈︎ Review of Fare Families if already in usage, OR creation of fare families with appropriate product differentiation.

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